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Israeli court rules to close Haifa ammonia tank

An Israeli court on Sunday ordered Haifa Chemicals to shut down the country’s largest ammonia tank, which has been a point of contention for years, with residents and environmental groups warning it is a major health hazard. The colossal, circular vat is located in the northern port of Haifa, Israel’s third largest city, and can hold 12,000 tons of ammonia, which is used in products like fertilizer and explosives. The Haifa court stepped in on Sunday, ruling that the tank be shut down and emptied within 10 days, according to a statement by the Haifa municipality which brought the case against the plant two weeks ago.

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Hundreds of people in southeastern Chad are at risk of dying from a worsening hepatitis E outbreak which has killed 11 people since September, medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said on Thursday. Some 885 people in the Salamat region have been treated for symptoms of jaundice, which can indicate hepatitis E, MSF said. Most, if not all of the patients, are likely to be suffering from hepatitis E, a liver disease which spreads through water contaminated with faeces, the aid group said.

Etihad, Qatar Airways to let barred passengers back on U.S. flights

Gulf carriers Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways said on Saturday they will allow passengers barred from the United States by President Donald Trump’s executive order to board U.S.-bound flights after a federal judge blocked the move. U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has advised both airlines they can board travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries and all refugees who had been banned under the order, the airlines said.

South Africa confirms presence of invasive armyworm pest that infests maize

South Africa’s department of agriculture said on Friday that scientific tests have confirmed the presence of the invasive fall armyworm in the country’s maize belt. Damage reported in South Africa so far is mainly on yellow maize varieties and especially on sweetcorn as well as maize planted for seed production,” the department said in a statement.

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John Holland, a former senior vice president, was charged in an indictment filed in federal court in Miami with four counts of mail fraud, health care fraud and major fraud against the United States, the U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday. The charges came after Dallas-based Tenet and two of its Atlanta-area units reached a settlement with the Justice Department and agreed to pay more than $513 million to resolve criminal charges and civil claims in a related settlement.

U.N. refugee agency hopes resettlement resumes soon to U.S.

The United Nations refugee agency voiced alarm on Monday at U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to suspend entry of refugees, saying that this week alone 800 people set to make America their new home had been barred, causing anxiety and heartbreak. An estimated 20,000 refugees in “precarious circumstances” would have been resettled to the United States during the 120 days covered by the suspension announced last Friday, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in a statement. “Those accepted for resettlement by the United States, after a rigorous U.S. security screening process, are coming to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity.

Pennsylvania teen at center of Holland Tunnel gun incident dies

A Pennsylvania teen has died seven months after she found herself at the center of a purported rescue mission that ended with the arrest of three heavily armed suspects on the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel, a coroner said on Saturday. Coroner Bill Lisman of Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County said his office was investigating the death of Jenae Patterson, 18, of Wilkes-Barre. Searching the van, which was covered with stickers supporting gun rights, police found five pistols, an AR-15 assault rifle and a .12 gauge shotgun, as well as knives, body armor, camouflage gear and ammunition.

Alternative medicine might help treat premature ejaculation

By Carolyn Crist Complementary and alternative medicine options may help men manage premature ejaculation, according to a new review of existing research. The improvements were small, and the studies were of varying quality, but preliminary evidence suggests that acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurvedic herbal medicine and a Korean topical cream may all have desirable effects, researchers conclude in the journal Sexual Medicine, online December 29. “There are a range of treatments available for premature ejaculation, including drug treatments, behavioral techniques and counseling, however, some men may not want to visit the doctor, take drugs long-term or be on a long wait list for counseling,” said lead author Katy Cooper of the University of Sheffield in the UK.