1500 Calorie Diets Work Wonders

When planning to diet, it is important to stay within a healthy daily calorie range. Ideally, these calories should come from balanced, nutritious foods like potassium rich foods. While there are many programs to help you lose weight, it simply comes down to burning more calories than consumed. Unless you are on a medically-supervised program, it is advised to consume 1500 calories a day. By maintaining 1500 calorie diet comprised of healthy foods, not only is weight loss a probable option, it is also a step towards creating a much healthier lifestyle.

The first step to choosing a healthier to diet is be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Bananas are a popular weight loss tool because they are low to medium in calories. A small banana usually has a caloric count of 72 calories while a very large banana may have up to 121 calories. An average sized banana is usually around 100 calories. Most of these calories come from carbohydrates comprised of simple sugars. However, it is important to note that the ripeness of the banana determines the sugar and starch makeup. As bananas gain more color and ripen, it is typically easier for your body to digest. The calories in a banana are digested slowly which supplies the body with a steady supply of energy. Thus, eating a banana for energy is a popular choice for people before or after working out. They are also a great addition to protein shakes because they blend easily, have a nice flavor, and are packed with nutrition.