Deciding on the Right Allergy Drops: A Comprehensive Comparison of Top Options

Another simple and fairly effective way of treating allergies, which has become popular of late, is sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), more commonly known as allergy drops.

The following article attempts to highlight some commonly used allergy drops, their level of effectiveness, and major factors to consider when deciding upon them.

Popular Allergy Drops and Their Effectiveness

Stallergenes Greer Oralair: Oralair by Stallergenes Grejson Greer, in the form of an orally disintegrating pill, is one of the most common preparations against allergies to grass pollen. This has been confirmed by clinical research of its effectiveness in the significant decrease of allergic disease symptoms and the use of medications to treat allergies in people who have been sensitive to grass pollen.

ALK-Abelló Grazax: Grazax is another common grass pollen allergy drop. Just like Oralair, Grazax is effective in reducing allergy symptoms and increasing the quality of life for people who have pollen allergies from grass.

Merck Grastek: Grastek is a sublingual tablet that is given to patients with grass pollen allergies. Clinical results of the trials indicated that patients with grass pollen allergies taking Grukthek can get relief from the symptoms of allergic reactions and reduce their reliance on allergy medicine.

ALK-Abelló ACARIZAX: ACARIZAX is a house dust mite allergy extract given through a sublingual tablet to treat dust mite allergies. The use of ACARIZAX for treatment has reduced allergic disease symptoms and intake of medicinal products in patients suffering from an allergy to house dust mites.

Curex: Curex is a relatively new addition to the world of allergy drops. Curex has a unique formulation meant to treat a host of different allergens, including weed pollens, dust mites, molds, tree pollens, and pet allergies. While studies on Curex may be few, anecdotal evidence would point toward its effectiveness in reducing allergy symptoms.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Allergy Drops

Allergen Sensitivity: The fact of the matter is that the specific allergen you’re sensitive to will have a large bearing on how effective allergy drops end up being.

Duration of Treatment: With allergy drops, the treatment duration might vary, so it’s good to understand how long the time commitment would be for each.

Convenience: Take into account how the allergy drops will be administered, whether at home or during visits to an allergy clinic or health provider.

Cost: Allergy drops may vary in cost based on the brand and treatment period. This shows that it is necessary to consider the cost that comes with choosing specific brands for allergy drops.

Side Effects: Like any other treatment, allergy drops can produce side effects. Discuss probable side effects with your healthcare provider before taking any, and opt for drops known to have a small incidence of side effects.

It is best to pick the right allergy drops after consulting your healthcare provider. With factors such as how sensitive you are to allergens, how long you will take to complete treatment, and how convenient allergy drops are in terms of their costs, be sure you are well-informed about all of your options before choosing the allergy medicine that will benefit you the most.