Asian massage techniques


Asian massage therapy finds it origin amongst several asian traditions. It incorporates parts of chinese, thai and japanese massage techniques. In times where there was no medical care these massage therapy techniques were used to heal and treat various illnesses within each community. Because of its healing nature, these techniques were passed down from generation to generation.

There are many types of massage techniques employed in asian massage in nyc. Tuina, Amno, Dian Xue, Thai and Wai Qi Liao Fa are the most common. They are all based around the concept of Qi or flow of energy. The traditional belief is that all beings have a flow of energy and if there are interruptions to that (from illness or injury), that flow must be restored.

Here are the types in a little more detail:

Tui Na – This technique address the flow of qi and helps restore the natural balance so body can heal itself.

Dian Xue – Using acupressure, it helps restore qi by working the meridians and pressure points.

Amno – Uses the addition of pressure to aid in circulation. This is also the most common asian massage technique in use

Thai – Also based on restoring qi, this involves yoga like stretching and energising movements.