Coffee is not just for taste

Article written by Weight Gone Now

Coffee has been the number one beverage choice for some time. From the morning cup of java to wake your body to one cup before going to bed we consume many cups of coffee in between during the day. Coffee is known for its caffeine content. Is caffeine good for your body and health?

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Researchers say drinking several cups of coffee a day is good for your body and health. Coffee contains antioxidants, carbon dioxide and when you add water your body gets much needed fluids from it too. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that in an experiment involving more than 400,000 people those who drank few cups of coffee a day cut their risk of death compared to non-coffee drinkers. Another study conducted by a major university in the United States, Harvard University, revealed that coffee helps to cut down the rate of suicide.

Tea especially black tea is the closest to Coffee as a competitor. But many Americans do prefer coffee over tea. Easy preparation, flavor and other factors contributes to the success of coffee as the favorite beverage. So enjoy few cups of coffee a day to get the benefit it has to offer for your body and health.