Common Massage Techniques in Korean Spas in New York

You might expect to be limited to Asian-influenced treatments when you visit a Korean spa in NYC for a massage. And while many Koreans spas offer relaxing massage techniques such as Shiatsu, some of the top spas such as the Garden Retreat Spa also incorporate offer other popular massage techniques or incorporate them into their treatment.

It’s important to know a little bit about the different massage options available to you and how they might improve your ability to relax and live healthier. Here’s a look at some of the most common massage techniques practiced by providers of Korean massage in New York:

Swedish: This is the most common form of massage practiced in the United States. This form therapy is designed to release tension through a combination of long kneading strokes, light tapping and movement of joints. By stroking muscles in the same direction of the flow of blood to the heart, Swedish massage helps to improve the oxygen levels in the blood and lower the amount of dangerous toxins in the muscles.

Shiatsu: This form of massage is based on concepts of acupuncture points that have been a part of medical techniques in Asian cultures for centuries. A Shiatsu massage involves a masseuse using their fingertips to apply varying levels of pressure on various acupuncture points around a person’s body. A Shiatsu massage can also involve stretching and the manipulation of small joints such as fingers. It is a light and gentle massage preferred by many people who do not want to be jostled during a massage.

Deep Tissue: A deep tissue massage is a much more vigorous and physical treatment than Shiatsu. It involves the use of slow and forceful strokes to work the muscles in areas that are stiff and sore. Deep tissue massages are often used to help people recover from sports or particularly intense physical exercise. The deliberate pace and deep strokes used in this form of massage are designed to reach the tendons and underlying muscles that can cause tightness and pain.

There’s no such as thing as the “perfect” form of massage. What helps to relax and rejuvenate one person might not be as effective for their friend. It’s a good idea to talk with your masseuse about what you want out of your massage before you start any treatment. Professional massage spas can often use a variety of techniques drawn from different styles to come up with a plan that is a perfect fit for your needs.