Finding a right walking shoe

Number of things goes into finding the right walking shoe. Many consider running shoes are same as walking shoes. But they are not and serve different purposes.

Walking shoes needs to be more flat and designed to provide for a heel strike. Strike start at heels and runs into your toes with a rolling motion. Most of the running shoes are made to support mid-sole strike rather than heel strike. Walking shoes also require more flexibility compared to running shoes.

Running shoes made of lighter material and mesh to allow for breathing. They meant to handle more demanding workload. But walking shoes are more strong compared to running shoes and therefore, more durable and stable.

Price is another consideration. When choosing a walking shoe pay attention to the fact that the shoe needs to have qualities of healing as well as prevention of injuries. So, do not let price dictates the type of walking shoe you are going to buy. Instead consider safety, comfort, wear and tear, and other factors.

The best way to get a pair of walking shoes is to go to your local sports store. They can test your gait analysis, measure your feet, and consider other feet issues such as bunions before selling you a pair of walking shoes.