Five Benefits of a Table Shower Massage

A table shower massage is part of many New York Asian massage parlors. The treatment consists of a massage while lying on a waterproof table with sprinklers on your whole body. Here are five benefits of a table shower massage.

Full body relaxation – The warm water and the varying pressure of the jets will help to cleanse and relax a person after a massage.

Improving the healing process – Water massages can help heal the entire body in one session. This can help heal muscle and joint injury while increasing circulation and oxygen to the muscles.

Pauses between treatments- Treatments often vary from a mud wrap and then to an oil massage. But instead of the therapist having to ask you to clean yourself, she/he can simply clean your body on the table and then proceed to the next treatment.

Detoxification and mind stress relief – Because the sprinklers are aligned to your energy centers, your body will be detoxified and distressed.

First-time deep tissue massage – Deep tissue massages can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. However, for those who have wanted to try one, it is advisable to start with a table shower massage with increased water force.

Better circulation – Since table shower massages can include both hot and cold water, you will receive the benefits of better circulation. The hot water will expand your blood vessels and help you relax. While the cold water will close your blood vessels and make them stronger.

Look for table shower massage NYC and you should find a long list of spas that offer this service.