Five benefits of a table shower massage

1By Garden Retreat Spa

A table shower massage involves a massage where you lie down on a waterproof table and you have sprinklers as well as a therapist massaging your entire body. Here are 5 benefits from enjoying a table shower massage nyc.

Full body relaxation – This form of massage provides your entire body with a relaxing massage, throughout your session. This is because the water and the therapist will massage you and make you feel completely relaxed.

Faster healing – If you suffer from joint or muscle pain, this form of massage is ideal since it applies direct pressure to the sore muscle, which helps the body direct more oxygen to the affected area. When more oxygen reaches the sore area, you will enjoy faster healing after an injury.

No more pauses between treatments – Some messages will include a wrap or an oil treatment followed by a massage. With a table shower massage, you can enjoy your wrap and then the therapist will simply clean your wrap off and proceed with the massage. This process will ensure that you enjoy your sensual massage nyc experience without any pauses.

Stress relief – Table showers have sprinklers designed to align along your energy centres of your spine. This will directly affect your chukas, which will improve your mind and reduce negative energy.

Help you prepare for a deep tissue massage – If you intend to try a deep tissue massage, it is best to start with a table shower massage. Since a deep tissue massage can be painful and expensive, a table shower massage is a good way to reap some of the benefits of a deep tissue massage, at a fraction of the cost.

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