Go beyond portion control in order to lose weight

Portion control helps tremendously to lose few pounds off your weight. But that is not the only way to lose weight. There are few other things you can add to portion control to help you lose weight.

Eat more fruits and vegetables: They not only provide valuable Vitamins, they help you to fill your stomach so that you can limit the amount of carb and protein rich food.

Eat more often: We are very accustomed to eating three big meals a day. Experts say eating smaller amounts more often helps to lose weight rather than eating three big meals a day. Simple reason is you eat less compared three big meals and allow your system to increase the efficiency of the digestive system. Include healthy snacks during the day. If you can’t get out of your three meals a day habit, eat something before the meal to reduce the portion of your main meal. Use a smaller plate to serve your main meal which will help you to control your portion. Drinking fluids, especially water between meals and just before a main meal to control the amount of food you eat. Stay away from high calorie food such as carbs. Fruits and vegetables are good options to replace high calorie options.