Harmful rays of the sun and how to stay protected

Article written by Best fat burning guide

Summer is around the corner. The Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of the summer. People will be spending lots of time outside under the sun. Kids will be playing different sports outside. It doesn’t matter what you do outside during the summer, there are three main things you need to do to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Wear appropriate sunscreen: As a practice start to wear sunscreen every day. It not only helps you to protect your skin, it prevents spots or burns. Choose a high SPF sunscreen to prevent skin cancer if you are going to be exposed to direct sun for too long.
  • Wear UV-protected sunglasses: It will protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun that cause cataracts that could eventually affect your eyes. Don’t forget your children and they should be wearing sunglasses too. It looks cool too.
  • Stay hydrated: Avoid drinking soda and take lots of water. Avoid extreme physical activities outside. For those who are exercising outdoors may take sport drinks that are fortified with electrolytes. Coconut water is natural way to hydrate your body and to get much needed vitamins too. For those who are camping outdoors hydration packs is a good option.