How Does Dental Malpractice Occur in the Case of Dental Equipment?

Some dental malpractice cases are more rare than others, but they occur nonetheless. And the damages caused by them are by no means minor. OC dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy, the founder of Levy Law Firm, says that there are dental malpractice cases that are rooted in the use of faulty dental equipment. Such cases can happen in various scenarios. Some examples are mentioned below:

Using defective equipment: If equipment is faulty and doesn’t work properly but is still used, it can lead to serious injuries.

Using outdated equipment: This includes the use of old instruments that have been worn out from repeated use, Justify unused for a long time, haven’t been updated according to the latest technology, etc.

Not inspecting and cleaning the instrument properly: Every dental equipment must be inspected for defects after every procedure. It should be cleaned and disinfected as well.

Using equipment for a different purpose: If the dentist intentionally or unintentionally uses equipment meant for one purpose for a different purpose and causes some kind of damage because of it.

Using the equipment in the wrong spot: Some dental equipment can be very dangerous, so using them in the wrong place can cause severe injury to the patient.

If any of the above or something similar has happened to you that has caused you great harm, you may consider suing your dentist for dental malpractice with the help of a lawyer. For Californians, you can consider contacting Los Angeles dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy. With his years of experience and skills, he might be just what you need to win the case.