How to make a telemedicine kit at home

Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

As the medical landscape changes, patient care has moved from physical appointments to virtual consultations. However, virtual appointments have limitations as medical providers are unable to gather vital information through online meetings. Investing in a telemedicine kit can help you enhance your virtual appointments while receiving an accurate diagnosis.

All doctor’s appointments will start with assessing your “vital signs”. These are indicators that let your doctor know how your body is functioning. The following devices can help you check for these vital signs at home before your appointment.

Thermometer – Invest in a good quality hand-held digital thermometer.

Finger pulse oximeter – A oximeter will measure your heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

Respiratory rate – To measure your respiratory rate, place your phone on a 60-minute timer and count the number of breaths. This is an important indicator for patients with respiratory symptoms.

Blood pressure cuff – This device measures your blood pressure, which is a key indicator of a person’s overall health.

Scale – A bathroom weighing scale is more than sufficient for adults and children over the age of 2. However, for infants, you will require an infant weighing scale.

Measuring tape – For children and babies, their height will indicate their rate of growth and ideal weight.

A flashlight – A flashlight can help you highlight a rash or a bruise, which cannot be seen clearly from your screen.

Although virtual appointments do have some drawbacks, the correct devices and a good internet connection can make virtual exams and treatment as good as in-person doctor’s visits.  

Francis Dunn
Francis Dunn

Francis Dunn is based in Miami, FloridaFrancis William Dunn has the heart of an entrepreneur and has worked with successful companies such as DMDconnects. His expertise in fund raising has helped with multiple new start-ups in the healthcare and medical device sector. Francis Dunn is experienced in people development, online healthcare, executive management, and acquisitions. He is an advocate for healthy living and a caring father.