It’s Time For A Change

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Have you ever asked yourself, “is it time to change my quilts?” but never really know when it is the appropriate time to do so? Some will think that as long as it looks clean, then it is clean. But after sneaking in that leftover pizza while watching your favourite TV series in bed, do you think it is still clean and free of crumbs? Not anymore!

Other than the obvious warning signals like stain or odor, it is fairly hard to tell when or why, even, you should change beddings. Even if it does not show, beddings acquire a lot of dirt particles in a span of just a week. It will range from sweat, drool, food crumbs, dead skin and oils that your body excretes on a daily basis. That is why, ideally, beddings should be changed every week. This will depend on the personal usage of the sheets, of course.

Hygienic purposes are really only the main reason why people change their bedding. But if you look at it from another perspective, changing your sheets may be beneficial to your being in more ways than one. Not only can it help you feel great mentally, because you know they are fresh and clean, but also, physically too! Imagine coming into fresh new sheets after a long and tiring day—just the very thought of it sounds relaxing already! It not only acts as a cleanse for your sheets but for your soul as well.