Lesser known mental benefits of regular exercises

Article written by Health and fitness centre

Benefits of a workout are well documented. It helps you with your cardiovascular health, build much needed muscle mass, shape your body, and many others. But fewer people are aware of mental benefits that a workout can provide.

  • Exercises can reduce your stress. This is one common benefit that anyone can get from a quick walk or a heavy workout at the gym. A chemical known as norepinephrine that can increase the brains response to stress is created and enhanced by exercises.
  • Exercises are also a great way to release and enhance chemicals in your body. Endorphins are responsible for creating a feeling of happiness and euphoria. Researchers go one step further with these chemicals and say that it may help to reduce depression.
  • All these improve your self-confidence. Exercises can boost your self-esteem and image. What if you lose few pounds with exercises? Your happiness will flow through many aspects of your life.
  • As we get older we tend to lose our cognitive power. This is why elderly people are more prone to cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s. One way to gain back lost brain cells is to embark on a regular exercise program. If you are unable to hit the gym, don’t worry. Attend to your garden or take a leisure walk every day.