What Does “Metal Free” Dentistry Mean?

You may have heard the term “metal free” dentistry as you were searching for a Glendora dentist to visit for your tooth care. The term refers to dentistry that offers alternative methods of dental care instead of using mercury and other harmful metals.

The reason that a Glendora CA dental office may offer “metal free” dentistry is the increasing awareness of the toxicity of mercury over the years. Some dentists use mercury in dental products such as fillings, bridges, crowns, root canals and the like. Nickel is another element that often comes with dental fixtures. Nickel has a reputation that is almost as unnerving as mercury’s reputation is. Health-conscious dental offices offer an assortment of “metal free” alternatives that their patients can choose for their welfare.

One example of a product that an office such as Glendora family dental uses are composite fillings. Composite fillings do not contain mercury, and they have a reputation of being very sturdy in the mouth. Furthermore, they are more pliable than amalgam fillings are, so orthodontists and dentists can work with them easier. Invisalign is just an example of an alternative to metal braces. Invaslign is an alignment system that uses plastic aligners instead of metal brackets. The system can benefit the patient in many ways.

You can contact the office to set up a consultation and inquire about metal-free dentistry options. A specialist will be happy to take look at your mouth and develop a recovery plan that is a healthy option for you.
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