Moving Past the Rules of Meditation

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

In the past, you may have read articles telling you that there are certain “rules” that you need to follow in order to achieve maximum clarity in your mind. These articles give you step by step instructions on exactly what you need to do in order to free your mind from thoughts and go into a high form of meditation. While these lessons can work, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no blueprint for meditation success. It’s path that you’ll have to forge on your own.

When thinking about meditation, it’s important to put it into context based on the Law of Attraction and how the human brain works. As we know, the Law of Attraction states that attempting to determine steps to achieve your goals is not the ideal mechanism. Instead, we should focus on the feelings we are trying to achieve and let our Higher Self guide us to places that will allow us to have these feelings. In a sense, attempting to do things in a rigid fashion only compromises our ability to reach true abundance.

So what would achieving maximum clarity in our meditation be any different? Each person’s brain operates at its own frequency. What we are attempting to accomplish is to fine tune this frequency so that it is harmony with the world around us. Our Higher Self wants to show us the path that will allow us to cleanse our brain from any other thoughts beyond our connection to the world. All we need to do is let the Higher Self take us down the right path.

Listen to your Higher Self when it comes to developing your meditation. Some people find it useful to find a quiet spot in nature. They listen to the birds, the wind and perhaps running water from a stream. Focusing on these sounds helps them to connect with the rest of the world and free their minds of any other thoughts. For other people, they need total isolation and quiet. In order to properly meditate, they need to be in a secluded, dark room with no potential distractions. This creates the serenity they need to begin clearing their minds and make vital connections.

Both of these approaches are correct — if they work for you. Listen to the path that the Higher Self is taking you when it comes to your meditation practices. If it is guiding you toward a meditation technique that is different than what you’ve done before, don’t be hesitant to embrace it. Chances are that it’s right for you.

Dr. Eric Amidi is a leading expert on how Artificial Neural Networks can be used to help people make deeper connections with the world. Eric Amidi is a scientist who was part of the team that discovered the Top Quark.