The Price of LASIK Treatment

LASIK surgery is one of the more advanced procedures used for correcting someone’s vision. One reason why someone might be hesitant about trying it out could be a general lack of information on what it would entail. LASIK is more expensive than a pair of prescription eyeglasses or an order of contact lenses, which could turn people who would otherwise have been ready to purchase the treatment from doing so.

Dependent on Company

How much you pay for LASIK will largely depend on which company you choose to do business with. The business is trying to make a profit and is allowed to set a price that they think is fair. You likely will not find a place that is willing to do the treatment for less than you would pay for some dailies total1 but looking around is well worth the time and effort.

You can expect of the pricier businesses to charge around $3,000 per eye but if you look hard enough you might be able to find some places that can do the treatment at half the cost. What is important is that you find a place with a good reputation, as well.

Decreasing Price

Compared to prescription lenses and contact lenses from a place like, LASIK can seem like an expensive treatment. Relatively speaking, when comparing the cost of treatment now to what it once was when it first came out, LASIK has never been more affordable. As technology improves and the practice becomes more popular, the price of LASIK treatment becomes more and more reasonable.