Replacing your old foam seat

Written by The Foam Factory

After several years of use and with wear, seat cushions tend to become saggy and droopy. You will start to notice this from an accrued level of discomfort resulting for these seats. Apart from being uncomfortable, these saggy seats could also constitute of a danger to your health. When inadequate support is provided to body, a person can start to experience pains in the back, neck and arms area. Pains felt in the lumbar curve area are particularly distressful. A solution around this issue would be to opt for a sofa foam replacement.

This type of project can either be carried out on a DIY basis or by seeking the help of professionals. If you have experience in carrying out DIY projects, you could opt to carry out this project yourself. You will thus be able to exercise control on the quality of the materials used and on the exact design you want to achieve. Carlo Badalamenti has acquired some considerable experience in advising people on their foam replacement project. The first step would be to take out the old foam and to measure out the extra dimensions needed for the replacement foam. You would then need to contact a foam company and enquire whether foam can be cut to fit the dimensions you require. You would then only need to order your foam inserts and carry out the replacement. An important factor to look for in your future foam inserts would need to be durability and robustness.

The Foam Factory provides solutions for various foam replacement projects including foam seat.