The “Rubdown” of Sensual Massages

Summary: Sensual massages make intimacy that much more interesting between you and your partner.

A sensual massage focuses on building intimacy between your partner through the use of gentle and delicate touch. It’s both pleasurable and stimulating to the recipient, creating a spark that could help boost the relationship to new levels. Now, it’s important to remember that a sensual massage isn’t like your ordinary massage. It’s a way for couples to explore the vast pleasantries of simple strokes while avoiding the therapeutic nature that massages are well-known for.

The Difference Between Therapeutic and Sensual

Now, professional massages, as mentioned before, aren’t anywhere close to being a sensual massage. This means you don’t need to worry about draping or avoiding intimate areas on the body. However, a sensual massage doesn’t mean you don’t attempt to make your partner feel good. It’s best to learn some basic massage techniques beforehand, so you can intertwine these skills into your repertoire for an added bonus. Some techniques can be learned at your local NYC Asian massage establishment, where they’re known to incorporate Swedish massage techniques.

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Massage Equipment

Giving a sensual massage on a bed usually doesn’t work out too well, because of the inability of the giver to reach every part of the body. However, it does work as an alternative. There are numerous affordable massage tables that you can purchase online that will make it easier to give a sensual massage to your partner without worrying about injuring your back. Be sure that the table has a head cradle for added comfort.

Be sure to cover the table with a sheet beforehand – especially if you’re planning to use oil. This makes it easy to clean and won’t force you to do some deep scrubbing to get all the excess moisture out of the table itself. You can even purchase an electric massage table cover to keep your partner warm throughout the session.

Now, massage oil tends to give your hands that smooth glide that you’ll want, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on “premium massage oil” to make the experience enjoyable. There are tons of inexpensive massage oils that are sold everywhere – some great ones out there are sweet almond oil, rose oil, and geranium oil. Utilizing scented oils turns your ordinary sensual massage into an aromatherapy session – which is an added bonus.

The Bottom Line

Sensual massages, when performed, can heighten the senses, relieve tension, and improve sexual encounters. They’re a great way to relax and unwind before the heat of the moment begins. It’s a romance-inducing session that will undoubtedly blow both your minds once you add it to your arsenal – and you’ll never look back.