Stomach Massages to Lose Weight


By Garden Retreat Spa

Most people enjoy an NYC massage to relieve their stress. However, new scientific evidence has shown that massages can result in weight low. Here are a few messages that promote weight loss and reduce inches.

Massage and Weight Loss – A lymphatic drainage massage is a used in a number of countries to help with weight loss. The Lymph is a liquid that helps your body fight disease. This type of massage has seen patients reduce the thickness of fat underneath their skin.

Aromatherapy Massage and Weight Loss – Aromatherapy concentrating on abdominal fat at the waist, has reduced waist circumferences. This is done by massaging a mix of grapefruit and cypress oils on a patient’s waist. These forms of massages are popular in NYC, Asian massage parlors.

Stomach Massage and Constipation – If your weight is not reducing even after eating healthy and exercising, you could be suffering from a digestive tract problem. A sign of such a problem can be constipation. A massage to relieve constipation, can help your food digest better, relieve bloating, which can therefore make you look slimmer.


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