Structured fitness programs

Some medical and non-medical fitness programs use a pyramid style long-term performance program to prepare athletes as well as non-athletes. These programs are much more appealing to young athletes. A three level pyramid is constantly adjusted during training to improve skill sets of everyone.

The foundation of the program centers on movement and body control. It measures one’s ability to explore a range of movements including squatting, lunging, and stepping. These areas improve the quality and quantity of exercises. These provide greater foundation for what to come next.

The second phase of the pyramid is physical capacity. In this stage kinetic linking of power production is enhanced. Power is measured through activities including, but not limited to, pushups, step ups, and vertical leap. Successful completion of this stage prepares the person for the next kinetic level.

At the top level of the pyramid is one’s skill. Ability to shoot a jump shot, kick a soccer ball, spike a volleyball, or precisely throwing a fastball is some of the skill activities during this phase of the pyramid. Coaching is necessary at this level. This level is clearly intended to improve game skills of young athletes. Not just the athletes, this kind of structured program can help any fitness enthusiast.