The old sofa is killing you

Written by The Foam Factory

Your old sofa is probably killing you. If you tend to feel pain in your neck, back or arms, chances are that your sofa is giving you a slouched posture. Take a test on yourself to determine whether you sofa is ergonomical. When sitting down, your knees should be at the same height as your hips. The armrests of your sofa should also not be too low.

A short term solution to improving your posture when sitting on your sofa would be to use a cushion. You can place the cushion underneath your arms when seated to alleviate the pressure on your neck. You can also keep your spine well aligned and maintain a good form on your lumbar curve by placing a small cushion at your lower back. You can also support your knees in a flexed position and avoid strains to the legs by placing a cushion under them.

If ever you find out that your couch is too saggy and no longer provides your body with an adequate support, you should probably consider changing your sofa cushions. You can opt to carry out a DIY project for the replacement of your couch foam. This solution is cost effective and will allow you to give a new life to your sofa.

Carlo Badalamenti has over 35 years of experience in foam manufacturing. His company offers a good array of sofa foams and cushions to suit your indoor or outdoor foam replacement projects.