The Secret to Patience While Pursuing Your Goals

Written by Heather Richards

Are you running out of patience while pursuing a goal? It’s hard to stay patient in life, especially when you’re on a path towards something you really want. But the process of achieving your goals shouldn’t be frustrating. In fact, many people find the process or journey just as enjoyable. So the question is: how do you stay patient while pursuing your goals? I came across a great blog post by Dr. Eric Amidi that aims to answer that question.

In an effort to help people enjoy the journey while manifesting great things in their lives, the quantum physicist looks to the Chinese philosophy and religion of Taoism. According to Dr. Eric Amidi, Taoism can teach us many great lessons, including this one: do not separate your path from your goal. So what does this mean exactly? It means that we shouldn’t consider our goals separate from the path it takes to get there.

It’s all the same. The entire journey or process can and should be as enjoyable as the ultimate goal. In fact, I’ve noticed that many people who work hard to achieve a goal and never enjoy the journey only to get disappointed once they get what they want. But those people who learn and take in every moment along the path usually never regret the journey. In fact, Eric Amidi suggests that what makes the process so long or difficult to endure is separating the journey from the goal. So think of both the journey and the goal as one and the same and you might just get there faster.