The Uses of Foam at the Gym

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Foam is used in several ways around the gym. For instance, exercise mats are effective during workouts as they tend to stay flat on the floor without moving constantly as opposed to other cushioning such as a bath towel. Exercise mats made out of foam are able to absorb shocks during workout and cause less pain during exercises that require kneeling. They also also great when doing floor exercises such as crunches for the abs as they are less painful for the back and glutes.

Bringing your own foam exercise mat at the gym is also a more hygienic solution to having to use the ones provided by the gym. With so many people sweating and touching the gym equipment everyday, it might not necessarily be a good idea to lie on an exercise mat used by a lot of people. These usually become the breeding zone for bacteria and germs. A customized foam exercise mat would also avoid having to lie directly on the floor which is not hygienic as well.

If you feel that you often require additional support during jumps or other explosive movements, you might consider customizing your own exercise mat with polyurethane foam sheets. Custom cushions can also be made to protect your head when doing crunches and other floor exercises. Personalizing your exercise mat would also enable you to make a longer or larger mat depending on your convenience.

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