Use nature’s best instead of refined sugar

We all crave for sugar and foods made with sugar. Healthcare specialists as well as fitness trainers are often asked by their clients of ways to stop the craving. Then there is sugar and sweeteners that claim no sugar or less sugar. What to do and how can we select the right kind of sugar?

Refined sugar or sucrose is extracted from sugar cane, beets and others and then refined. The refining process takes away vitamins, minerals, fiber and other healthy nutrition from it. The resulting refined sugar cause your body to work extra hard to digest and assimilate. In doing so, the body losses minerals and enzymes in order to absorb sucrose otherwise can be used for another function. On average we use 22 to 30 teaspoonful of sugar every day. This is why refined sugar is bad for anyone. It can lead to cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many others.

What options do we have? There are natural ways to get sugar into your body. Instead of refined sugar they come in closer to their natural state. Among these products no calorie Stevia that hail from South America, organic dates, coconut palm sugar, and pure Maple syrup are good substitute for sugar.