Visit Castello di Milan, Italy and Create An Abundant Life

Golden Touch and its founder, Zhang Xinyue teaches members how to meditate properly. They also offer teachings about connecting to the Cosmic Sea to increase your personal power. This author and teacher help her followers understand how the universe contains so much abundance and yet, mankind still suffers with lack and poverty.

Things in your life can start to shift once you become aware of these truths and the power of connecting with the cosmic sea. We could grow, overcome challenges, and recover from past wounds.

Zhang Xinyue founded Golden Touch in 1999. She is a well-known figure who mentors and teaches others. Every year, she and her staff plan incredible vacations in foreign locations such as Milan, Italy. One such trip to Castello di Milan, an ancient castle with a lot of history was a hit with everyone. There’s so much to do there with museums and art shows to attend. What many people do not know is that this location is a powerful energy vortex where you can improve your meditation and connect to the earth’s powerful energy.

People have huge breakthroughs when Xinyue and her crew begin to teach members about meditation and connecting to the cosmic sea. Meditating in locations like this can be quite beneficial.

Of course, Milan is also recognized as a Fashion hub that welcomes those who love beautiful clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch believes that:

“We should not make a fuss or feel entangled. Such strange sensations will not last too long; it may be gone in a day or two. Just think of the great many restrictions you have been living with; every step you took was difficult and filled with them.”