What health concerns are best for telehealth?

Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

Telehealth has become a convenient way to speak with a healthcare professional, in the safety of a patient’s home. Receiving the correct healthcare will depend on the patient’s ability to assess if their health condition can be remotely evaluated or an in-person appointment is a wise choice.

The medical history of a patient has always helped doctors diagnose a patient’s condition. The best way a doctor gathers these details is by speaking to a patient and gathering details about their symptoms, lifestyle, and prior medical conditions. Luckily, these details are easily conveyed by video and audio calls.

Therefore, it is best to use telehealth when a patient has a lot of information about their condition and when the risk of a serious illness is low. Additionally, doctors will be more comfortable handling patients who have an existing relationship with them.

Conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure are chronic illnesses that can be easily managed online. Providing a prescription for long-term illnesses like contraception and chronic pain can additionally be specified over a video or audio call.

Doctors can also gather more information if patients invest in at-home medical equipment like blood pressure and blood sugar monitors, which will help a doctor with current information.

Telehealth can similarly assist patients with short-term illnesses that are not a serious health concern. Conditions such as a UTI or upper respiratory tract infection can be treated online. However, some symptoms that disguise themselves as viral infections, for example, early symptoms of covid-19, will require a physical visit to the hospital.

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