Your scale could lie

No matter how beautiful it looks or how much it cost you, your scale will only tell you how much you weight. This technologically advanced society, you can buy a “gadget” that reveals your weight and more about your body and its health status. Your weight can not tell you about your body mass, fat content, muscle mass and water content.

This is where advance pieces of equipment can help you with lots of things. This type of equipment can measure changes in body fat, metabolism, hydration and thing or two about your muscle mass. This helps your and your trainer adjust your exercise routine to suit your growing needs and adjust your nutritional requirements.

When you start a training program set your weight goals and time line to achieve it. Given the time frame, you can breakdown your goal to smaller increments to achieve within weeks or months. Also, have clear goals of what you want to lose whether it is fat, muscle, or water or all of it simultaneously. If you only concentrate on weight loss and not aimed at other things, you may face a situation where you gain back what you lose each week. Invest in a piece of equipment that can help you with your progress.