Dosage Of Herbal Remedies

Article written by Best WeightLoss

Whatever is prescribed for an adult, half that for a child of 6-12 years; half that for one of 2-6 years; and half that for one 1-2 years old. Give it in drop doses to half a teaspoon to a baby. The alternative herbal home medicine are usually administered three to four times a day.

These alternative medicine (herbal home remedies) should only be tried for a three-day period. If there is no relief from symptoms within that time, expert opinion is needed, with specific treatment under medical supervision. The alternative medicines can still be taken as complementary adjuvant’s, but with the consent of the specialist. Sometimes there are individual idiosyncrasies, depending on physical constitutional variations that need to be borne in mind. People may not be aware of this. If something does not agree with you, seek advice.Dosage-Of-Herbal-Remedies

The bitter taste of a alternative herbal remedy will remain bitter, no matter how much you sugar coat it. But something which causes you to vomit, or break into a rash, when it should not, means your body is telling you its not good for you seek medical advice immediately. Also remember that anything taken in excess causes toxicity.

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