Foods to Avoid When Muscle Building

Written by: Whey Supplements

If getting shredded is your ultimate goal, you have to watch what you eat. While you might be disciplined at avoiding junk foods, there are many so-called muscle-building foods that are actually loaded with unhealthy ingredients, such as trans fats and sugars, that counteract your body-building efforts. So before you head out to the supermarket, here’s a list of foods to avoid when muscle building.

Yogurt: The Bad Stuff: You’ve heard that yogurt is good for you; it’s packed with protein, zinc, and calcium, not to mention gut-friendly bacteria. But there are other ingredients in yogurt that are not so friendly to your physique. Flavored yogurt is loaded with sugar and processed fruit that can hurt your midsection.

The Good Stuff: If you really want your yogurt fix, choose the plain stuff and add your own fruit such as blueberries.

Tuna: The Bad Stuff: Yes, tuna is packed with protein and healthy omega-3 fats. But choosing the wrong stuff can hurt your physique. Tuna canned in oil can add unwanted calories to your diet; it can also add unhealthy toxins such as mercury.

The Good Stuff: So before purchasing just any tuna at the market, consider eating tuna canned in water. You will also want to look for light tuna or albacore with low or no mercury levels.

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