Lap Band Surgery – How United Health Care Members Could Lose Weight

Weight-loss can be not only difficult for some people, but cause the onset of many diseases and disabilities that can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. The Lap Band, a reversible weight-loss surgery that constricts the stomach to feign fullness, is becoming more and more accessible to patients with insurance. Those who are obese are encouraged to inspect their coverage and see what the qualifications are.

When it comes to covering procedures like lap band united healthcare has a number of requirements. United healthcare lap band coverage requires that a person submit a “Letter of Necessity” which is meant to outline approximately 5 years of a patients weight history and the types of diets that he or she has adhered to. The person’s Body Mass Index (or BMI) must be over 40 or 35 if the patient has obesity-related conditions. There is also a psychological evaluation required by some plans, during which it will be determined if the patient fully understands the risks and requirements of weight-loss surgery.

To be sure, it is suggested that you call your United Healthcare benefit specialist to verify the extent of your bariatric coverage. If lap band is covered, make sure to inquire about the requirements to receive one.

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