Possible Lap Band Complications

lab technicianThe lap band system has helped various patients with weight problems. Losing weight on your own is challenging, so having to worry about methods to pay for surgery is not an option. Many of the lap band facilities have different methods of payment if medical insurance doesn’t cover surgery. It can be paid in cash or through medical financing.

With the lap band there’s side effects that have to be kept in mind when deciding to commit to surgery. Side effects after surgery may include slippage (requiring a lap band revision), vomiting (if food is consumed too quickly), constipation, and heartburn.

Another lap band complication that can be prevented by the patient is lap band slippage. My avoiding vomiting caused by over eating or not chewing properly, this will reduce the chances of the band slipping from stomach. Other lap band complications include: ulceration, gastritis (irritated stomach tissue), gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn), gas bloat, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), dehydration, constipation, and weight regain.


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